Drayco Jeans

Measurements are provided by the manufacturer. They help determine correct sizing but do not guarantee a perfect fit. For best results double check your measurements before making your size selection. Here’s how to measure yourself for motorcycle gear.

We want you to be happy. Always assess the fit and comfort of your new gear by first wearing it indoors around your home with the tags on before using it outdoors or on a ride. Once gear has been used outdoors or on a ride it can not be exchanged or returned.

Drayco | Sizing Chart: Mens - Jeans

WAIST (IN)26283032343638404244
WAIST (CM)66717681869197102107112
INSEAM (IN)34343434343434343434
INSEAM (CM)86868686868686868686

Drayco | Sizing Chart: Womens - Jeans

WAIST (IN)26283032343638404244
WAIST (CM)66717681869197102107112
INSEAM (IN)32323232323232323232
INSEAM (CM)81818181818181818181